December, 03 · 2018

RSNA 2018 - all about AI-assisted decision support tools



We would like to thank our partner @Softneta for a great @RSNA2018. After an intense week we are back home, full of energy after a series of important meetings and new learnings!

Great new innovation seen from @inceptomedical, @contextflow, @arterys, @infervision, @icometrix, @aianalysis and others.

Dr. Fei-Fei Li, Professor in the Stanford University Computer Science department said:
“The future of AI is in collaboration with humans, and clinicians working together with AI agents will ultimately enhance the humanity of health care”.

The human-machine collaboration is important to us and we work hard to create an interface for this interaction!

Read a summary of Dr. Li's talk at the RSNA website:

Change is coming and it is obvious that smart automated decision support tools and #AI play a growingly important role in #radiology.

Photo by Brad Knight on Unsplash